American Journal of Applied Sciences

Developing the Environment of Information Technology Education using Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Chen-Feng Wu and Liang-Pang Huang

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2011.864.871

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 8, Issue 9

Pages 864-871


The education of Information Technology (IT) in Taiwan has been promoted since 1997. However, there were still problems with the current environment of IT education. Problem statement: The major problem was that students were unable to practice after school with the same environment and there was no appropriate space to save their files for students, so it was not convenient for students’ achievement of learning. Approach: The service of private cloud computing was adopted in this study to establish the education environment of information technology for resolving these problems. The browser was used to link the cloud computing service that provided web operating system, application program and file manager. The purpose was to increase the learning efficiency and convenience. Results: The quasi-experimental method was applied to the study of 110 fifth grade students who were selected from Tunglo Elementary School in Miaoli County, Taiwan. Conclusion: The experiment results showed that students’ learning achievement with the environment of IT educational of cloud computing was better than the ones with traditional IT educational environment. Therefore, the cloud computing infrastructure was recommended to construct the environment of IT education in real world.


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