American Journal of Applied Sciences

Research of an Online Service System for Beverages Chain Stores

Chih-Yao Lo, Cheng-I Hou, Hsin-Chia Hsu and Chiu-Ping You

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2011.748.753

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 8, Issue 7

Pages 748-753


Problem statement: In the highly competitive market, the availability of consumer support is the key to market-based beverage stores. Consumer demands for quality service so the industry must be more active to improve the quality of management to ensure that beverage market position. In order to allow market competition to be improved for the beverage store. Approach: The system builds an information network using web-based system provides operators and consumers a direct interaction. Enter the phone number provided by the consumer via the Send Message System (SMS) verification code to obtain the online ordering drinks service. Using the Internet Information Technology makes the real-time order so that consumers can enjoy easy ordering and comfortable environment. Results: Using this internet beverage ordering system the online consumers can enjoy the choice of ordering drinks. This internet beverage ordering system would also build some databases to support, such as beverage type database, order database, outgoing regional database, these databases information will enable the industry to conduct drinks promotion strategy adjustments. Conclusion: This study uses cell phone number to enable consumers to obtain authentication codes via SMS. Necessary to convert the current beverage stores different marketing approach, through the information network and Web page interactivity, so that consumers would feel very interesting and fresh.


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