American Journal of Applied Sciences

A Coupled Mathematical Model for a Temperature Dependant Blood Perfusion in Heterogeneous Biological Tissues during Microwave Heating

E. A. Adebile, B. N. Akintewe and K. M. Owolabi

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2010.609.615

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 5

Pages 609-615


Problem statement: The temperature variation in heterogeneous three layered biological tissues was investigated. Approach: The blood perfusion was considered to be temperature dependent. The heating modalities were taking to go on simultaneously in each of the regions on the one hand and also sequentially in another arrangement. The asymptotic series solution was modified for the three layers and the matching were done at the interface of the regions where there is electric field effect and where there is none. Results: The result revealed there was a clear difference from the temperature pattern when the heating modality was done simultaneously compared to when done sequentially. The thickness of the tissues layer has effect on temperature pattern. Conclusion: A lot of attention must be taken to determine tissue thermophysical properties before therapy was applied. The regional body heating was preferred to spare surrounding normal tissue as against the whole body heating procedure.


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