American Journal of Applied Sciences

Controlling the Morphology of Nano-Hybrid Materials

Abdullah I. Al Jaafari

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2010.171.177

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 2

Pages 171-177


Problem statement: It is known that layer double hydroxide is one of the nano ordered layered compounds and possesses plate-like morphology if carefully crystallized. Approach: In this study, Co-Sn LDH consisting of divalent and tetravalent cations was prepared with new morphology. XRD patterns of the prepared Co-Sn LDH showed that the interlayer spacing of the LDH was 0.78 nm and SEM image showed nano-needles structure. Results: By intercalation reaction with monocarboxylic acids at room temperature, XRD patterns indicated that the interlayered spacing increased to 3-4.8 nm and formed organic-inorganic nano-hybrid materials. Also, SEM images showed that the nano-needles structure of Co-Sn LDH changes to plate like-structure. Conclusion: Thermal analyses (TG, DTG and DTA) and Infrared spectrum confirmed the intercalation processes of n-capric acid and n-stearic acid inside Co-Sn LDH and the formation of nano-hybrid materials.


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