American Journal of Applied Sciences

Validated High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Analysis of Fenvalerate Pesticide in Chilies by QuEChERS Extraction Cleanup and High Liquid Chromatography

Ahmed Ambarak Altorshani, Nor Kartini Abu Bakar and Eltayeb Elamin M. Eid

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2010.1587.1592

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 12

Pages 1587-1592


Problem statement: Contamination associated with pesticide use has increased as well, adversely impacting the environment and causing human health risks through residues on food. Approach: This study reports the extraction of Fenvalerate (FE) in chilies using QuEChERS based on High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) describes a simple, fast and inexpensive method. The chillie was extracted with acetonitrile Aliquots were cleaned-up using Solid Phase Extraction (dSPE), a primary-secondary amine carbon black. Reversed-phased HPlc system with PDA detection was used for the separation identification and quantification of all these analyses using acetonitrile methanol-potassium dehydrogenate phosphate (50:40:10) as mobile phase. Results: Limit of detection of 0.01 µg mL was obtained. Calibration curves that constructed for the analyzes spiked into samples followed linear relationships with good correlation coefficients (R2>0.9944). In this method was found to be precise, specific and accurate for detection and analysis of Fenvalerate in chilies. Conclusion: QuEChERS methods are convenient, rugged methods that simplify extract cleanup, reduce material costs and improve sample throughout. Here we demonstrate the effectiveness of QuEChERS sample cleanup using a multiresidue analysis of pesticide on chilies.


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