American Journal of Applied Sciences

Aluminum Powder and Zwitrionic Surfactants as Drag Reducing Agents in Pipe Lines

Hayder A. Abdul Bari, Rosli Bin Mohd Yunus and Tania Suhail Hadi

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2010.1310.1316

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 10

Pages 1310-1316


Problem statement: One of the most power consuming sector in the industry is the liquid transportation through pipelines due to the turbulent mode the liquids are transported with. Drag reducing agents were used as a solution for the pumping power losses in pipelines. One of the inportant drag reducing agents suggested to improve the flow in pipelines are the suspended powders. Approach: In the present study, aluminum powders and zwitrionic surfactant ((3-(Decyldimethyleammonio) propanesulfonate inner salt and 3-(n-n Dimethylpalmityl-ammonio propanesulfonate) were investigated as drag reducing agent in aqueous media. The effect of additive concentration, Reynolds number and the testing section length are the main variables investigated. All the experimental work was carried in a build up experimental rig that consist of a closed loop experimental piping system. Results: The experimental results showed that, the percentage drag reduction Dr (%) increases by increasing the additive concentration and Reynolds number with maximum percentage drag reduction up to 50% with only 500 ppm addition concentration. Conclusion: The effect of testing section length was not so clear due to the way of introducing the additive to the main flow, that the additive is mixed in the main tank and not injected.


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