American Journal of Applied Sciences

Knowledge and Attitudes of Infertile Male Patients Attending Kamal Alsamaraee Fertility Center about Assisted Reproductive Technique in Practice

Lujain Anwar Al Khazrajy and Mohammed Ahmed Al Abayechi

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2009.1725.1730

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 9

Pages 1725-1730


Problem statement: The aim of this survey was to show the knowingness and standings of infertile male patient that attending Kamal Al Samaraee fertility center, about IVF and IUI procedures in clinical practice. Approach: A cross sectional study done and data were collected during two months period using special form of questionnaire, the total sample was 203 male patients Were performed using descriptive rates and percentages, procedures included Pearson’s product- moment correlation were included. Results: The first part showed the demographic data and there was a significant positive correlation between the patient’s knowledge about (ART) and level of education (r = 0.703988) and their knowledge and duration of infertility (r = 0.607133) respectively. The second part of the study showed lack of knowledge about some aspects of assisted reproductive technique as a procedure and as a technical details, most of the participant don’t know whether IUI need general anesthesia or not (41%), the same thing is true for (IVF) technique, also 41% of the sample didn’t know whether fertilization of ova done outside the wife body or not., the third part showed the attitudes of participants were (80%) of the participants refused gamete donation. Conclusion: it was obvious that there was lack of knowledge about many aspects of (ART), also the attitudes of the participants was highly influenced by cultural and religious believes therefore, education is needed to make the general community aware of the various aspects of (ART), on the other hand we recommended that a governmental legislative and financial support should be made for the promotion of assisted reproductive technique in Iraq.


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