American Journal of Applied Sciences

Dead Sea Rate of Evaporation

Abdelaziz L. AL-Khlaifat

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2008.934.942

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 8

Pages 934-942


The Dead Sea is exceptional by many standards. It is the saltiest and lowest lake in the world. Moreover it is a closed lake with very large variations in its water level caused by both man-made and natural oscillations of the components that make up the water balance. Most of the fundamental studies on the Dead Sea focused on the sea water contents, Dead Sea geology, salt origin, ground-water sea intrusion, and qualitative analysis of the material balance. The objective of the present paper is to develop the needed mathematical model that can describe the Dead-Sea rate of evaporation. The model demonstrated a significant influence of relative humidity, air and water temperatures on the rate of evaporation.


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