American Journal of Applied Sciences

Experimental Investigation on Three Dimensional RC Infilled Frame - RC Plane Frame Interactions With Slab for Seismic Resistance

Suyamburaja Arulselvan and K. Subramanian

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2008.328.333

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 4

Pages 328-333


Experimental investigation was planned and conducted to study the influence of brick masonry infill and slab in a three-dimensional reinforced cement concrete frame. In this study, one-fifth scale 3D R.C frame representing single story, three bays with central bay brick infill at the sides and a long single bay without infill in the middle of the frame along loading direction and two numbers of two bays at the edges without infill and two numbers of single bay without infill in the transverse direction with slab, has been taken for experimental investigation and the available methods of theoretical analysis for the frames have been carried out. Totally ten columns, eight columns in both ends of the frame along loading direction and two columns in middle along loading direction, were constructed in the frame. Until the cracks developed in infills, the contribution of the infill to both lateral stiffness and strength is very significant. The infill and slab also changes the dynamic characteristics of the frame. The change in lateral stiffness, strength, ductility and natural period of the framed structure due to the presence of infills and slab change the behavior of the building under seismic action. The object of this study was to investigate the behavior of such three dimensional RC infilled frames with slab under seismic loads. Analytical works was done to understand the strength and behavior of these types of frames.


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