American Journal of Applied Sciences

The Application of Multi-Agent Technology on Transient Stability Assessment of Iraqi Super Grid Network

Afaneen A. Abood, Ahmed N. Abdalla and Shant K. Avakian

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2008.1494.1498

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 11

Pages 1494-1498


The aim of this research is improving the Iraqi control center's capabilities for monitoring and controlling the electrical network by adopting the properties of multi-agent technology to enhance power system transient stability. The idea was demonstrated by two agent's strategy, the first agent is a prediction one that will predict power system instability by a transient stability program using the PEBS method, the second strategy agent is a control agent which use the methodology of increasing power transfer through the healthy portion of network during disturbances by a load flow program using fast decoupled method. The proposed strategies are applied to a realistic power system, the Iraqi supper Grid electrical network. Results show that the proposed technique is very powerful for power system instability prediction and control.


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