American Journal of Applied Sciences

Utilization of Distributed Architecture Based on Internet GIS for Geomorphologic Data and Environmental Management: Case Study of Damavand Volcano Conic, Iran

Ebrahim Moghimi, Ali Mansourian, Mojgan Zarei Nejad and Mohammad Saber Moghimi

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2008.1300.1307

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 10

Pages 1300-1307


Despite the great significance of geomorphologic-environmental data in different disciplines, there are sundry problems in relation to availability, accessibility and their applicability. Primarily the problems dealing with these data were investigated and then technical solutions to remove each of the above problems and how to manage geomorphologic-environmental data were suggested. The solution for availability lies in participation of various organizations in acceptance of responsibility of data production and maintenance, during their daily activities. To remove the problem of accessibility to the existing data, a distributed architecture based on Internet GIS has been proposed. To make data applicable in users' systems and also integratable with each other, formulating and observing equal standards in different stages of management of geomorphologic data is recommended. Based on the proposed solutions, Damavand Volcano conic was selected as a case study. Initial standards were drawn up. Accordingly, geomorphologic data on the case study were collected and stored in different distributed databases. A system of distributed Internet GIS was also created based on the proposed architecture. The case study indicated that the proposed solution and system are capable of eliminating the problems pertinent to management of geomorphologic data from technical perspectives.


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