American Journal of Applied Sciences

Numerical Analysis of Forward Expansion Characteristics of Ablated Plasma by Pulsed Ion-Beam Interaction with Al Target

Chainarong Buttapeng, Masaru Yazawa and Nobuhiro Harada

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2007.94.98

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 2

Pages 94-98


The main objective of the current study was to investigate the behavior of ablation plasma which was produced by irradiating pulsed ion-beam with a solid target of Al thin foil. The technique used here was called a forward expansion---beams irradiation and the ablation plasma expansion are in an opposite direction. A one-dimensional hydrodynamic model was used to simulate the dynamic of the target with a thickness of 9 µm and the plasma. In this model, the internal energy together with both of the latent heat of fusion phenomenon and the latent heat of vapor are also taken into account. Physical parameters are presented in terms of ablated plasma temperature, pressure and the energy deposition distribution.


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