American Journal of Applied Sciences

The Return-Stroke of Lightning Current, Source of Electromagnetic Fields (Study, Analysis and Modelling)

Dib Djalel, Haddouche Ali and Chemam Fayçal

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2007.42.48

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 1

Pages 42-48


In this study we present and analysis of the return-stroke lightning current and described their models which existing in the literature by several authors for the evaluation of radiated electromagnetic fields and modelling the coupling with electrical systems based on the calculation of induced voltages. The objective of this work is to take part in the improvement of the coordination of electric insulations and to put device also for calculation of the over-voltages induced in the electrical networks by the indirect lightning strokes which represent the most dangerous constraint and most frequent. A comparative study between the existing models and the analysis of the parameters which affect the space and temporal behaviour of the current lightning strokes as well as the importance of the lightning current at the channel base form the essential consequence of this study.


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