American Journal of Applied Sciences

Characteristics of Effective Dynamics and its Use in Developing the Product Quality and Proceeds in Inclusively Firm

Nasir A. Kloub

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2006.1970.1972

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 3, Issue 8

Pages 1970-1972


Controlling product size type and quality is a set of technical, technological, organizational and preparatory procedures correlated in one process. Indexes for the demand for product in foreign and local markets vary according to its quality, and consequently technological processes should guarantee and warrant protects of subtle qualities and quality indexes. Securing quality of the product in all industrial sectors depend on large extent on machines building industry and technical and technological advancement. Engineering economies helps a lot in upgrading product quality and standards through studying the potentials of industrial establishment, equipping and period maintenance methods thereof. Thus, the aim from controlling quality standard through studies, researches and prototypes is to form and create optimal standard for the new products based on technical and technological advancement achievements. In this research the dynamic index was used as it is designed for reflecting the success and efficiency of the material and scientific potentials and the technical and technological policy oriented to industry and upgrading the standard, level and quality of the product and finds technical solutions and evaluates performance of the industrial firm.


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