American Journal of Applied Sciences

Modeling and Simulation of a Novel Switched Reluctance Motor Drive System with Power Factor Improvement

G. Venkatesan, R. Arumugam, M. Vasudevan, S. Paramasivam and S. Vijayan

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2006.1649.1654

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 3, Issue 1

Pages 1649-1654


This study presents a novel Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) drive system with power factor improvement. Recently, many of the converters with variable speed drives have no input power factor correction circuits. This results in harmonic pollution of the utility supply, which should be avoided. The effect of power factor variation in terms of harmonic content is also analyzed in this study. The different operations like single pulse, soft chopping and hard chopping modes are done with and without a power factor controller. This study describes the buck - boost converter topology with above said methods for SRM drive. The boost converter is used to improve the input sinusoidal current and the buck converter is used to regulate the dc source voltage. The proposed topologies were simulated using MATLAB / Simulink software package and the results were obtained. The computer simulation results support the proposed methods.


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