American Journal of Applied Sciences

Characterization of Reconstructed Basins Using Pattern Spectrum Procedure

P. Radhakrishnan

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2005.843.846

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 2, Issue 4

Pages 843-846


Several classical and Fractal binary shapes, which are akin to geophysical shapes such as basins, lakes, and pore-grain spruce, are analyzed and characterized by employing various mathematical morphological transformations, and methods. By employing rhombus, square and octagon structuring elements, these shapes are decomposed into their skeletal networks and their corresponding skeletal network subsets are dilated to the respective degree by these structuring elements in order to reconstruct the original shapes. Furthermore, to test the reconstruction accuracy, the pattern spectrum procedure is applied and sharpness indices were computed. These shapiness indices were considered as a basis to test the reconstruction accuracy in a quantitative manner. A general trend is observed while characterizing the shape-size complexity of these surface water bodies.


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