American Journal of Applied Sciences

Comparison of Environmental Performance-HSEQ Management System, Regarding the International and Iranian Oil and Gas General Contractors

J. Nouri, M. Abbasspour, E. Roayaei and H. Nikoomaram

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2005.447.451

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 2, Issue 1

Pages 447-451


The ever-increasing significance of the health, safety, environment and quality Management system has led general contractors including those involved in the oil and gas industry to place the implementation of this integrated system on their agenda, in a way that the implementation and execution of this system is considered as one of their operation and development strategies. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the environmental performance of the oil and gas upstream (exploration and production) general contractors, which is deemed as one of the major dimensions of the system. To carry out this research, in addition to evaluate of the environmental performance of international and Iranian contractors under the foregoing system, a comparison is ultimately drawn between the performances of the two groups of contractors. To gather information, a questionnaire was used to measure 31 indicators whereby the variables related to the environmental performance were evaluated. The indicators were then weighted according to HSEQ professionals' views and the value and score of each variable as well as the environmental performance were educed. Comparative statistical tests were used to analyze the findings. The results of these tests showed that the environmental performance of international contractors is superior to that of Iranian contractors. The reasons behind this superiority, based on the mentioned tests, might be described as follows: 1) Environmental risks reduction measures; 2) Management process; 3) weakness in the implementation of the health, safety, environment and quality management system including the lack of a particular and independent department, non-preparation of the relevant guideline and the inefficiency of the relevant department. In consideration of the foregoing as well as the mentioned weak points and shortcomings, which are seen when a comparison is drawn with international contractors, it is recommended that Iranian contractors set up a particular and independent department which might prepare managerial procedures and establish the required enforcement guarantee.


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