American Journal of Applied Sciences

A Secure Database Encryption Scheme

Zongkai Yang, Samba Sesay, Jingwen Chen and Du Xu

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2004.327.331

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 1, Issue 4

Pages 327-331


The need to protect database, would be an every growing one especially so in this age of e-commerce. Many conventional database security systems are bugged with holes that can be used by attackers to penetrate the database. No matter what degree of security is put in place, sensitive data in database are still vulnerable to attack. To avoid the risk posed by this threat, database encryption has been recommended. However encrypting all of database item will greatly degrade the performance of the database system. As an optimal solution this paper presents a database encryption scheme that provides maximum security, whilst limiting the added time cost of encryption and decryption.


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