American Journal of Applied Sciences

Real Time Hybrid Controller Implementation for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

S. Paramasivam and R. Arumugam

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2004.284.294

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 1, Issue 4

Pages 284-294


This study presents the real time hybrid controller implementation for a Switched Reluctance motor Drive. The developed hybrid control law consists of Proportional Integral (PI) controller at steady state, PI-type fuzzy logic controller (FLC) at transient state and a simple logic controller between steady and transient states to achieve desired performance at various operating conditions under soft chopping operation. The importance of hybrid controlling is highlighted by comparing the performance of various control approaches, including PI control, PI-type fuzzy logic control, PD type fuzzy control for speed control of SRM motor drives. The complete control algorithm is demonstrated by intensive experimental results. It is shown that the presented hybrid controller for SRM drive is with fast tracking capability, less steady state error and robust to load disturbance. The complete speed control scheme of the SRM drive incorporating the hybrid control is experimentally implemented and validated using a high speed digital signal processor board TMS320F2812 for a prototype 1.2- kW SRM.


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