American Journal of Applied Sciences

Key Success Factors of 3rd Generation Mobile Network Services for M-Commerce in Malaysia

Saravanan Muthaiyah

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2004.261.265

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 1, Issue 4

Pages 261-265


While there has been a great deal of excitement in view of M-commerce, very little is actually known about conditions and critical success factors for successful introduction of the 3rd generation mobile network services here in Malaysia. This study investigates the factors for successful diffusion of 3G network services and their role in advancing an interactive marketplace. 3G which simply means 3rd generation mobile communications technology has been widely discussed by many telecommunications service providers. It was launched by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) some 13 years ago. 3G is viewed as an enabler of M-Commerce here in Malaysia. However, true success of this technology depends on various factors. The objective of this study is to investigate significant key enablers of 3G deployment and adoption in Malaysia. An insight into the critical factors to be considered for the deployment of 3G technology in Malaysia and experiences of other countries will be used as a benchmark to understand the mitigating factors of 3G deployment. Critical factors such as cost to of service, interoperability of standards, insufficiency of mobile services or content and deficiency of the laws will be discussed in this study. The study also discusses diffusion barriers and drivers for the rapid service diffusion of 3G mobile networks.


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