American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Three Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model With Multiquadtree Meshes

Gregorio Posada Vanegas, Rodolfo Silva Casarín and Sébastien de Brye

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2008.245.258

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 3

Pages 245-258


This study presents a three dimensional model for the transport of conservative contaminants, which can be used for bodies of water which are affected by winds and/or tides. The model solves the equation of mass transport, based on results obtained using a hydrodynamic model for shallow waters that works in a finite volume scheme and a type of hierarchical grid, called multiquadtree, which is adaptable to the bathymetry. To solve the vertical coordinates, the coordinate z is transformed into a sigma (s) coordinate, thus allowing the same number of layers in the vertical, regardless of depth. This hydrodynamic model is validated using two cases: a long wave propagated in a channel of variable width and bottom and wind action in a rectangular basin. Finally, the results obtained are presented for a hypothetical single port outfall in the bay of Campeche, México. The model developed here is both quick and easy to use and is efficient when compared with models presented by other authors since it uses adaptable grids which allow detailed solutions to be obtained for areas of interest such as coastlines and the area around an outfall.


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