International Journal of Structural Glass and Advanced Materials Research


  • Chiara Bedon
    University of Trieste

Associate Editors

  • Andreas Luible
    Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts
    Expertise: structural glass, facades and adaptive systems, buckling, experimental testing, Finite Element numerical analysis
  • Flavio Stochino
    University of Cagliari
    Expertise: Blast Loading, impulsive Loading, Reinforced Concrete, computational mechanics, nonlinear dynamics and fire design
  • Mario D'Aniello
    University of Naples Federico II
    Expertise: Structural engineering, steel and composite structures, seismic analysis of structures, seismic vulnerability assessment, structural retrofitting/repair, FRP composite structures and nonlinear analysis of structures
  • Tuan Ngo
    University of Melbourne
    Expertise: High Performance Materials; Protective Systems; Risk and Vulnerability Modelling of Buildings and Critical Infrastructures; Security Assessment; Multi-Hazard Protection

Editorial Board Members

  • Ajitanshu Vedrtnam
    Invertis University and VBRI
    Expertise: Structural Glass; Laminated Glass; Material Characterization; Experiments; Fire Engineering
  • Aleksandar AnÄ‘elković
    University of Novi Sad
    Expertise: Built Environment, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Adaptive facades performance simulation and modelling, HVAC
  • Corrado Chisari
    Imperial College London
    United Kingdom
    Expertise: Optimisation, Inverse Analysis, Genetic Algorithms, Masonry, Seismic Engineering, Finite Element Modelling
  • Dániel Honfi
    RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
    Expertise: Structural Engineering; Structural Glass; Structural Safety; Robustness; Experiments; Numerical Analysis; Resilience
  • Fabio Favoino
    Polytechnic University of Turin
    Expertise: Facades, Adaptive Building Envelopes, Modelling and Simulation, Energy, Renewable Energy Technologies, Building Energy Efficiency, Civil Engineering, Sustainability
  • Fabio Minghini
    University of Ferrara
    Expertise: Structural engineering, Seismic analysis of structures, Seismic vulnerability assessment, Structural retrofitting/repair, FRP composite structures, Steel and conconcrete composite structures, RC structures, Masonry structures, Thin-walled structures, Stability (buckling) analysis of structures, Nonlinear analysis of structures
  • Filipe Santos
    Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
    Expertise: Shape-Memory Alloy Technologies, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Glass Facades, Blast Mitigation
  • Francesco Clementi
    UniversitĂ  Politecnica delle Marche
    Expertise: Composite Materials, Mathematical models, Nonlinear dynamics, Non-Smooth Contact Dynamics Method, Masonry Structures, Structural Health Monitoring, Earthquake Engineering, Fracture mechanics, Computational Mechanics
  • Francesco Fiorito
    Politecnico di Bari
    Expertise: Facade Engineering, Facade Design, Building Performance Assessment, Smart Materials, Adaptive Technologies
  • Giuseppe Quaranta
    UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
    Expertise: Sensing Systems for Structural Monitoring (Sensors and Energy Harvesting Devices); Dynamic Identification; Diagnostic of Civil Structures and Infrastructures; Passive Devices for Vibration Mitigation; Reinforced Concrete Structures; Truss-reinforced Composite steel-concrete beams
  • Hing-Ho Tsang
    Swinburne University of Technology
    Expertise: Structural Safety; Serviceability; Relisience; Robustness; Protective Technologies; Experiments; Numerical Analysis; Materials
  • JoĂŁo RamĂ´a Correia
    Instituto Superior TĂ©cnico, Universidade de Lisboa
    Expertise: Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Materials for Civil Engineering Applications; New Materials; Structural Glass; Construction Technology; Construction Pathology and Rehabilitation
  • Klara V. Machalicka
    Czech Technical University in Prague
    Czech Republic
    Expertise: Adhesive Connections, Laboratory Aging, Structural Glass, Experimental Testing, Finite Element Modeling
  • Laura Galuppi
    University of Parma
    Expertise: Laminated Glass, Sandwich Beams and Plates, Viscoelastic Composites, Damaged Laminates, Curved Sandwich Structures, Contact Problems
  • Li Chen
    PLA University of Science and Technology
    Expertise: Engineering, Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Lucia Figuli
    University of Žilina
    Expertise: Dynamic Analysis, Blast Design, Blast Wave Propagation, Bridges, Protection Systems
  • Lukasz Sadowski
    Wrocław University of Science Technology
    Expertise: concrete, non-destructive testing, surface morphology, acoustic techniques and artificial intelligence
  • Manmohan Dass Goel
    Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
    Expertise: Blast resistant design of structures, behavior of materials at low, medium and high rate loading, high strain rate characterization of foam materials and composites, numerical simulation and analysis of blast and impact events, crashworthiness and impact mechanics
  • Marcin KozĹ‚owski
    Silesian University of Technology
    Expertise: Structural engineering, Building design, Structural glass, Timber-glass composites, Experimental testing, Numerical simulations
  • Mario Fagone
    University of Florence
    Expertise: Composite Glass, Masonry, Composite Materials for Structural Reinforcements, Rammed Earth, Anisotropic Elastoplastic Materials
  • Mauro Corrado
    Polytechnic University of Turin
    Expertise: Fracture Mechanics, Contact Mechanics, Computational Modelling, Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Analysis, Mechanics of Materials, Composite Materials, Coatings and Adhesives for Glass, Stress Analysis
  • Michel Arrigoni
    ENSTA Bretagne
    Expertise: Shock waves, ballistic impacts, explosion effects, mitigation, complex media, FRP composite materials, multimaterials, biphasic media, cavitation, dynamics, multiphysics approach,experimental methods, measurement, VISAR, PVDF, Finite Element methods and explicit
  • Moacir Kripka
    University of Passo Fundo
    Expertise: Reinforced Concrete, Optimization, Sustainability, Structures, Advanced Materials
  • Oliver Englhardt
  • Sandra Jordão
    University of Coimbra
    Expertise: Structural Mechanics applied to steel and mixed structures and structural glass
  • Stefan Reich
    Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
    Expertise: Structural Glass, Facades and Adaptive Systems, Glass Fracture Mechanics, Experimental Testing, FE-Analysis, Building Integrated PV
  • Vlatka Rajcic
    Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Zagreb
    Expertise: Timber Structures, Wood Composites, Structural Glass, Hybrid Elements Timber-Structural Glass, Finite Element Modeling, Neural Networks and Expert Systems, Non-Destructive Testing, Assessment and Retrofitting of the Structures
  • Xihong Zhang
    Curtin University
    Expertise: Blast, Impact, Earthquake, Reinforced Concrete, Glass, Advanced Materials