Current Research in Microbiology (Formerly known as American Journal of Microbiology)

Associate Editors

  • Arwa Abu Khweek
    Birzeit University
    Palestinian Authority
  • Gerardo M. Nava
    Autonomous University of Queretaro
    Expertise: Molecular Ecological Analysis of Intestinal Microbiota
  • Gregory Thadeus Marczynski
    McGill University
    Expertise: BacteriologyChromosome replicationCell developmentCell differentiationGene regulationAntibiotic sensitivity
  • Guoqiang Zhan
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Expertise: Environmental microbiology; Ammonia oxidizing bacteria; Nitrification; Denitrification; Bioelectrochemistry systems for nitrogen removal and COD removal.
  • Jorge B. Barros-Velazquez
    University of Santiago de Compostela
    Expertise: food microbiology; microbial identification; microbial fermentation; lactic acid bacteria; bacteriocins; probiotics; foodborne pathogens; histamine-producing bacteria; microarrays; biosensors
  • Rey-Ting Guo
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Expertise: Structure Biology, Enzymology, Biochemical Biology
  • Sarah Elizabeth Maddocks
    Cardiff Metropolitan University
    United Kingdom
    Expertise: antimicrobials biofilms host-pathogen interaction pathogenicity and virulence
  • Sophie Suzanne Arbefeville
    University of Minnesota Medical School
    United States
    Expertise: Clinical and surgical pathologyClinical microbiology and virologyMolecular pathology
  • Vittorio Sambri
    Università di Bologna
    Expertise: Emerging Vector-Borne DiseasesMolecular Diagnosis of Infectious DiseasesInfections caused by spirochaetes
  • Wang Wei
    Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases
    Expertise: Parasitic Diseases

Editorial Board Members

  • Garwin Kim Sing
    Alfaisal University
    Saudi Arabia
    Expertise: Immunology, Virology, Cytokines, Infectious Diseases, Cell Biology
  • Qinghai Hu
    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
    Expertise: Veterinary Micribiology. My research interests include: 1. Molecular mechanism of bacterial pathogenesis. 2. Bacteria-host interactions. 3. Regulation of virulence factors.
  • Suzanne Berry
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    United States
    Expertise: Comparative Biosciences
  • Tao Xu
    Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School
    United States
    Expertise: microbiology, microbe-host interaction, synthetic biology, and metabolic engineering