American Journal of Immunology


  • Christian Schmidt
    Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP)
    Expertise: Medicine , Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Associate Editors

  • Andrzej Lange
    Polish Academy of Sciences
    Expertise: Immunology and Experimental Therapy
  • Erich Cosmi
    University of Padua
    Expertise: Gynecological Science and Human Reproduction
  • Eyad Elkord
    University of Salford
    United Kingdom
    Expertise: Medicine, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Gordon Dent
    Keele University
    United Kingdom
    Expertise: Leukocyte biologyEpithelial biologyAsthmaInflammatory bowel disease
  • Mark J Maeurer
    Karolinska University Hospital
    Expertise: Clinical Immunology Infectious Diseases, particularly Mycobacterial infections Antibody Profiling Peptide microarrays Immunological Therapy T-cell therapy Immunological Therapy of Cancer and Infecttious Diseases Host Directed Therapies
  • Mark A Brown
    Colorado State University
    United States
    Expertise: Cancer Immunology, Pharmacology, Hematopoiesis, Immunotherapies
  • Reginald Gorczynski
    University Health Network, Toronto Hospital, University of Toronto
    Expertise: Immunoregulation Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Transplant Immunology Cytokine biology
  • Sylvain Georges Bourgoin
    Université Laval & Centre de Recherche du CHU de Québec
    Expertise: Neutrophil physiologyBioactive LysophospholipidsChemokines/cytokinesCell migrationSignaling

Editorial Board Members

  • Aiping Zhao
    University of Maryland
    United States
    Expertise: physiology, specifically immune regulation of gut function gastrointestinal disease such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that are characterized by an immune balance
  • Allan D. Hess
    Johns Hopkins University
    United States
    Expertise: Allergy and Clinical, Immunology, Hematology,Immunology, Immunopharmacology, Pharmacology, Medical Research,Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology and Genetics, Oncology
  • Amedeo Amedei
    University of Florence
    Expertise: T cells, Tumor immunology, Immune respose in infection diseases.
  • Amit R. Ashtekar
    University of Alabama at Birmingham
    United States
    Expertise: Immunology, innate immunity, vaccines, bacterial pathogenesis, host-microbe interactions
  • Ana Acacia de Sá Pinheiro
    Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
    Expertise: Microbiology and Immunology; Cell Signalling
  • Bulent Buyuk
    Istanbul Technical University, Energy Institute
    Expertise: Physics,Astronomy and Materials Science
  • Carlo Provenzano
    Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
    Expertise: neuroimmunology, neuromuscular diseases and immunogenetics
  • Carolina Panis
    State University of West Parana
    Expertise: Translational Medicine; Immunopathology; Proteomics
  • Dapeng Wang
    H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
    United States
    Expertise: Immunology and Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Dilip Kumar Shah
    Thomas Jefferson University
    United States
    Expertise: Immunology, inflammasome, mitophagy, Mitochondrial biology
  • Dorota Wiktoria Kacprzak
    John Paul II Hospital in Cracow
    Expertise: Molecular immunology, Cell signaling, Aspirin induced asthma, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
  • En Min Zhou
    Northwest A&F University
    Expertise: Immunobiology, Veterinary Medicine
  • Francesco Indiveri
    University of Genova
    Expertise: Internal medicine and clinical immunology.
  • Guido Kroemer
    Universite Paris Descartes
    Expertise: immunology
  • Hao Fang
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
    United States
    Expertise: Medicine
  • Huan Ren
    Harbin Medical University
    Expertise: tumor biology and immunology
  • Jacques Nunes
    Centre de Recherche en Cancerologie de Marseille
    Expertise: Immunology & Cell Signaling
  • Jadwiga Jablonska
    University Hospital Tuebingen
    Expertise: Myeloid cells, neutrophils, oncogenesis, angiogenesis, type I interferons, cell migration, bacterial infections
  • James Harris
    Monash University
    Expertise: Arthritis, Autophagy, Dendritic Cell, Immunity, Inflammation, Lupus, Macrophage, tuberculosis
  • Jennifer D. Wu
    University of Washington
    United States
    Expertise: Microbiology and Immunology, Education and Clinical Center, Medicine
  • Jinyan Wang
    China Medical University
    Expertise: tumor immunology and autoimmunity
  • Jixin Zhong
    University of Maryland School of Medicine
    United States
  • Jon Weidanz
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
    United States
    Expertise: Cancer Immunotherapy Several current anti-tumor intervention strategies rely on isolating
  • Jordan B. Minov
    Institute for Occupational Health of R. Macedonia
    Expertise: Cardiorespiratory Functional Diagnostics,Occupational Health
  • Julian Pardo
    university of zaragoza
    Expertise: Bioquímica y Biología Molecular y Celular,
  • Junpeng Wang
    Henan University
    Expertise: Immunonogy regulation, nutrition immunology, vaccination.
  • Keiichi Yamanaka
    Mie University Graduate School of Medic
    Expertise: The mechanism of allergy, and newly product which can modulate immunological balance. Malignant melanoma, nasal allergy, inflammasome and cutaneous T cell lymphoma.
  • Kevin Pan
    The University of Toledo
    United States
    Expertise: Infection, Immunity & Transplantation
  • Mahesh Khatri
    The Ohio State University
    United States
    Expertise: diagnosis, epidemiology, pathogenesis, and genomics of bacterial and viral pathogens of human and food-producing animals
  • Marco Ruggiero
    University of Firenze
    Expertise: Experimental Pathology and Oncology,AIDS and HIV|||Cancer|||Complementary Medicine
  • Maria Anastassova Staykova
    Australian National University
    Expertise: Autoimmunity
  • Michel Aurrand-Lions
    Expertise: Cancérologie de Marseille
  • Mitsugu Fujita
    Kindai University Faculty of Medicine
    Expertise: Brain Tumor, Cancer Immunology, Cancer Immunoprevention, Cancer Immunotherapy, Chemokines, Cytokines
  • Neeloffer Mookherjee
    University of Manitoba
    Expertise: Inflammation, Immunomodulation, Antimicrobial host defence peptides, Systems Biology, Signal transduction.
  • Nima Rezaei
    Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Ping Zhou
    Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
    Expertise: Organ Transplantation,Science and Technology,Health
  • Radiah Ann Corn Minor
    North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
    United States
    Expertise: Molecular Immunology
  • Sachin Kumar Samuchiwal
    Harvard Medical School
    United States
  • Sumit Ghosh
    University of North Dakota
    United States
    Expertise: Allergic Asthma, Immunology, Biological Safety
  • Vaclav Vetvicka
    University of Louisville
    United States
    Expertise: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Vincenzo Torraca
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    United Kingdom
    Expertise: Innate immunity, chemokines, cytoskeleton, septins, host-pathogen interactions, macrophage and neutrophil biology, embryonic zebrafish animal model for infection, Mycobacterium, Shigella and Salmonella infections, Host-pathogen rna-seq transcriptome profiling