American Journal of Environmental Sciences


  • Orhan Yenigun
    Bogazici Universitesi
    Expertise: Environmental Science , Earth and Planetary Sciences

Associate Editors

  • Alex Lo
    Victoria University of Wellington
    Expertise: Ecological economics; environmental policy and politics; climate change adaptation; carbon trading; environmental attitude and behavior; environmental risk perception; environmental values and valuation; human geographyMy research addresses problems associated with valuing the environment, i.e. measuring environmental benefits in economic terms. My recent projects cover broader issues concerning the role of market-based policy approaches, including various carbon pricing mechanisms and risk pricing instruments (e.g. natural disaster insurance in Australia). More specifically, I focus on public and organizational perceptions and experiences of environmental changes and the ways in which these discursively interact with narratives of economic development. I draw implications of such discursive interactions for policy-making.
  • Federico Brilli
    Institute of Agro-Environmental and Forest Biology
    Expertise: Plant eco-physiology: impact of environmental stress factors on biosphere atmosphere exchange of CO2, H2O and biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs); - Plant-insect interactions: elucidation of biological and ecosystem functions of BVOCs.- Development & applications of ultra-sensitive high resolution Proton Transfer Reaction. Mass Spectrometers PTR-(TOF)-MS to online monitoring of BVOCs in environmental sciences, plant science and chemical ecology
  • Fengchang Wu
    China Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
    Expertise: Biogeochemistry, environmental quality criteria and standard, risk assessment, environmental policy and regulation
  • Guangxing Wang
    Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    United States
    Expertise: Applications of remote sensing, spatial statistics, and GIS to environmental and natural resources sampling and inventory, spatial modeling and simulation, uncertainty analysis, human activity and natural disaster induced vegetation disturbance and soil erosion modeling, forest and city vegetation carbon sequestration modeling
  • Hui Zhang
    Shanghai Jiaotong University
    Expertise: Impacts of human activity in geo-chemical cycles of substances on water and soil quality change (trace metals, arsenic, nitrogen, phosphorus and persistent organic pollutants) in natural and engineered system (water, soil, and polluted material treating system), arsenic geochemistry and health; metals, nitrogen, phosphorus and harmful organic substances in urban and agricultural systems; and behaviors and controlling for pollutants (inorganic and organic) in the treatment of sewage sludge and the polluted sediment from water system.
  • Nadim Copty
    Bogazici University
  • Niroj Aryal
    North Carolina A and T State University
    United States

Editorial Board Members

  • Abhishek Kumar Awasthi
    Tsinghua University
  • Ajai Singh
    Central University of Jharkhand
  • Bivin Thomas
    Kuwait University
    Expertise: Environmental pollution, Aquaculture, Fish Biology, Trace metals pollution in arid, aquatic ecosystem, health, Bio-monitoring, toxicology, marine & wastewater analysis,biodiversity in plankton, algae, seaweeds, invertebrates, fish, air pollution: particulates, inorganic pollutants in cultivable and natural plants, Commercial production of brine shrimps, ichthyoanaesthesiology, Designs of hatcheries, Environmental management, environmental projects
  • Burak Demirel
    Bogazici Universitesi
  • Chuxia Lin
    University of Salford
    United Kingdom
    Expertise: Environmnetal Geochemistry, Soil Science, Waste Treatment and Management
  • De-Sheng Pei
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Expertise: Development of novel monitoring methods on environmental pollutants; the mechanisms of toxicology and carcinogenesis of environmental pollutants
  • Grzegorz Kopij
    University of Namibia
    Expertise: Ecology, ecotoxicology, nature conservation.
  • Katherine H. Baker
    Penn State Harrisburg
    United States
    Expertise: Bacteria, biosolids, ecology, environmental microbiology, health and the environment, homeland security, microbial degradation, microbiology, pathogens, environmental toxic substances, Water quality and pollution, water resources, and water treatment .
  • Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari
    Islamic Azad University
  • Liang-Yin Chu
    Sichuan University
    Expertise: Mass transfer and separations; Membrane materials and technology; Functional materials; Microfluidics
  • Manoj K. Jha
    North Carolina A&T State University
    United States
    Expertise: Hydrology, Watershed Modeling, Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling, Water Resources Engineering, Global Climate Change, Land Cover/Land Use Change Impact Analysis, GIS-supported Spatial Analyses and Model Applications (SWAT, APEX, EPIC, WEPP, QUAL2K, HEC-models), Extreme Events, Uncertainty Analysis
  • Mauro Francesco La Russa
    University of Calabria
  • Mohd Saidin Misnan
    University Teknologi Malaysia
    Expertise: Engineering Business, Management and Accounting Computer Science Social Sciences Environmental Science Decision Sciences Chemical Engineering Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology Mathematic
  • Rana Kidak
    Cyprus International University
  • Simone da Graça Pinto Varandas
    University of Trás‑os‑Montes and Alto Douro
    Expertise: ecology of aquatic ecosystems; Ecology and conservation of aquatic species; Biodiversity and functioning of riparian and aquatic ecosystems; Environmental monitoring in surface waters; Watershed planning; Extreme weather events; Environmental Impact Assessment; Integrated environmental rehabilitation; Ecophysiology of freshwater bivalves; Exotic Species
  • Tao Kan
    Macquarie University
    Expertise: Energy Chemical Engineering Chemistry Engineering Environmental Science Physics and Astronomy Materials Science Business, Management and Accounting
  • Tianyi Ma
    University of Newcastle
    Expertise: Materials Science Chemistry Chemical Engineering Engineering Energy Environmental Science Physics and Astronomy Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Turgut Tuzun Onay
    Bogazici Universitesi
  • Wenjie Sun
    University of Arizona
    United States
    Expertise: Microbiology research and practical applications to solve environmental problems with focuses on environmental biotechnology for biotransformation, biodegradation, bioremediation of hazardous pollutants, biological treatment of contaminants in water and wastewater systems, environmental application of molecular microbial ecology, and environmental fate and treatment of solid and hazardous waste
  • Xiyun Cai
    Dalian University of Technology
    Expertise: Efate and ecological chemistry of organic pollutants, preparation of cyclodextrin functional materials and their application to pollution control, and research and development of cyclodextrin-based pesticide formulations.
  • Yingxia Li
    Beijing Normal University
    Expertise: Urban non-point source pollution monitoring and management; urban water system optimization; watershed management

Past Editors

  • Khalid Rehman Hakeem
    Jun, 2018 - Aug, 2018