How do I submit a new manuscript?

To submit your article, please follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Visit our website (http://thescipub.com)
2. Click the "Login" link in the top right-hand corner.
3. Enter your registered email and password and click the "Login" button
4. After you have logged in you will see across the top of the screen a number of logos/symbols with options below; one of these should be  'New Manuscript - submit a new manuscript'. Click this, and fill out the information as requested to submit your manuscript.

How to submit revised Galley Proof?

Please follow the following steps to submit your revised Galley Proof:
  1. Visit our website (http://thescipub.com)
  2. Click the "Login" link in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Enter your registered email and password and click the "Login" button.
  4. Under the "Reports" tab click "Articles in Process"
  5. You should see a list of all your manuscripts that are currently being processed
  6. Click the Manuscript in which you want to upload the revised Galley Proof
  7. Next to the "Article's History" tab, there is an "Upload Files" tab
  8. After you have clicked the "Upload Files" tab, select the type of file you want to upload
  9. If you are uploading a revised Galley Proof, select "revised Galley Proof" from the dropdown
  10. Choose your file
  11. Press Submit

Before submitting your article, please make sure:

  1. File size must not be greater than 2 MB
  2. Make necessary changes in final typeset galley proof and upload same file with changes and modifications in it.
  3. Must not send a new file that require type setting again
  4. Should try to submit your work in a single file
  5. Your file must have an appropriate name: For example 1234a-aja-revised 

How long will it take to evaluate my manuscript?

After an article has been assigned to our reviewers for evaluation, your manuscript will usually be reviewed within 9 to 12 weeks; during this period of time, we suggest that authors do not contact us with general queries regarding the status of their article - please only contact us if after 4 weeks you have not received any notification regarding its evaluation. You can check the status of your article and receive notifications when you log in to your online dashboard via the Science Publications web site.
The time periods specified above are generalized and do not take into account individual circumstances.

How to approve the final PDF file?

  1. To approve the final version of your article, please log in to your control panel at the Science Publications website homepage at the right-hand corner of the screen is the option 'Log In'. Please click this and enter the details you received previously in your registration confirmation email.
  2. Once you have logged in, you will see your user control panel. At the top of this page should be the following message:
    Hello , Your article is pending due to your approval, to approve the publication click here.
  3. The words 'Click Here' are a link that will open a message regarding your article and your options for approving it (or suggesting changes).
  4. Please read this; at the end of this message is also an option to 'Download' the final version of your article to read.
  5. Below this message you will see a section with the title 'Approval' and a small box with 'approve or decline this article'. To choose an action, click this box and select your desired option, then click 'Submit'.

What if I submit my revised file as a new submission?

We are unable to process a revised file if it has been submitted as a separate, new submission (if you have uploaded this file as an entirely new submission).
Please ensure you upload your revised file under your existing submitted article. To do so, please:
  1. Log in to your control panel at the Science Publications website (www.thescipub.com).
  2. You should see the relevant article listed on the screen when you first log in under 'All Manuscripts'. Please click on the article's ID number to open it.
  3. You will now be able to see your article's information, as well as its history when you scroll slightly down. Next to 'Article's History' is the option 'Upload Files'. Click this, and then under 'Type of File' select the appropriate option and click submit. You have now submitted your file
In the event that a member has submitted their revised file as a new submission we will delete this New Submission and ask that you re-upload your revised file using the process described above. In this way we can keep track of all files attached to your article and their history, and process your article accurately.
Please notify us if you erroneously submitted a revised file as a New Submission.