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On the Verification of the Multiverse

Thomas Stenersen1
  • 1 Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway


The interpretation of measurements in quantum mechanics has been disputed for over a century. The scope of this study is to find an experimental test of Everett’s many-worlds interpretation that could potentially verify the existence of a multiverse. Our proposal is based on a quantum field theory formulation of the many-worlds interpretation through the path integral formalism and a careful choice of the vacuum state. By generalizing the earlier quantum suicide thought experiment to quantum field theory, we find that the many-worlds interpretation implies a measurable change in the lifetime of elementary particles.

Physics International
Volume 13 No. 1, 2022, 17-20


Submitted On: 11 October 2022 Published On: 29 November 2022

How to Cite: Stenersen, T. (2022). On the Verification of the Multiverse. Physics International, 13(1), 17-20.

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  • Quantum Physics
  • Many-Worlds Interpretation
  • Path Integral