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Evolution of Time Concept in Physics and in Philosophy

C. Sivaram1, Kenath Arun2 and O. V. Kiren2
  • 1 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, India
  • 2 Christ Junior College, India
Physics International
Volume 6 No. 2, 2015, 68-77


Submitted On: 7 February 2015 Published On: 9 July 2015

How to Cite: Sivaram, C., Arun, K. & Kiren, O. V. (2015). Evolution of Time Concept in Physics and in Philosophy. Physics International, 6(2), 68-77.


What is ’time’? This is a question that has perplexed many a physicist and philosophers alike. The perception of the passage of time appears ingrained in all biological systems where growth, evolution and decay of objects, etc. are measurable indicators of the passage of time. Here we look at various physical models of time, from Newtonian to relativistic. We also explore the idea of perception of time including the possibility of travel into the past and future. Time in the quantum world (as measured by differences in energy transitions of various levels) and classical world (as energy transformations) are also discussed.

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  • Newtonian Time
  • Relativistic Time
  • Steady State Universe
  • Multiverse
  • Tachyon
  • Closed Time-like Curves
  • Arrow of Time