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The Influence of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Management

Chiang Wang1
  • 1 Southern Taiwan University of Technology,, Taiwan
Physics International
Volume 1 No. 2, 2010, 83-89


Submitted On: 29 December 2010 Published On: 31 December 2010

How to Cite: Wang, C. (2010). The Influence of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Management. Physics International, 1(2), 83-89.


Problem statement: Implementing information sharing and coordination can enhance the performance of supply chain management, such as a short response time, minimum cost, low inventory and joint production and transportation. Approach: Through information sharing among all supply chain members, stable long-term relationships can be established and maintained. Results: This study uses a quantitative cost model to identify the interaction among the supply chain members and to analyze the benefits of implementing information sharing. Conclusion: Through the joint procurement, production and transportation that is made possible under information sharing, the total cost of supply chain collaboration can be optimized for better supply chain management. Moreover, a successful supply chain management system with effective strategies can also be facilitated.

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  • Information sharing
  • supply chain collaboration
  • Early Order Commitment (EOC)
  • implemented efficiently
  • implementing information
  • joint production
  • long-term relationships
  • collaborative planning
  • collaboration emphasizes
  • inventory risks