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Characterization of the Consanguinity in the Moroccan Population of Doukkala

Abderrazak El Khair1, Noura Dahbi1, Khadija Cheffi1, Jalal Talbi2, Abderraouf Hilali1 and Hicham El Ossmani3
  • 1 Department of Health Sciences and Technologies, Hassan First University of Settat, Higher Institute of Health Sciences, Morocco
  • 2 National Laboratory of the Scientific and Technical Police of Casablanca, Morocco
  • 3 Institut de Criminalistique de la Gendarmerie Royale, Rabat, Morocco


Consanguinity, or the practice of marrying close relatives, is a prevalent phenomenon in many parts of the world, including North Africa. It seems to offer psychological, social, economic, and cultural advantages for couples and their families. In Morocco, the situation of this marital behavior is far from being closely defined. The objective of this research endeavor is to furnish a comprehensive depiction and critical examination of the frequency and trends of consanguinity within the Moroccan population of Doukkala. To investigate the prevalence and patterns of consanguineous marriage in the Doukkala region, a cross-sectional study was conducted in 2019. A structured questionnaire was administrated through face-to-face meetings. The data collected were on place of birth and residence and kinship between the spouses in the case of consanguineous marriage. A sample consisting of 1408 couples was selected randomly from the Doukkala region. The consanguinity rate in this population reaches 26.56% (α = 0.019). The predominant consanguineous union found in the study was the marriage of first cousins. A temporal analysis reveals that consanguinity has experienced a substantial decrease in prevalence, with rates declining from 29.69 to 22.96% over the course of the previous century. The studied population places significant importance on this particular marital behavior within their social imagination and it has yet to be effectively reduced.

Journal of Social Sciences
Volume 19 No. 1, 2023, 15-21


Submitted On: 8 January 2023 Published On: 26 April 2023

How to Cite: El Khair, A., Dahbi, N., Cheffi, K., Talbi, J., Hilali, A. & El Ossmani, H. (2023). Characterization of the Consanguinity in the Moroccan Population of Doukkala. Journal of Social Sciences, 19(1), 15-21.

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  • Morocco
  • Doukkala
  • Evolution
  • Marital Behavior
  • Consanguinity