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The Social Capital of the Silver Ornaments in Northeastern, Thailand

Warit Witsrutwait, Songkhoon Chantachon, Penchan Kriengkrisuk, Prasopsuk Rittidet and Budsakorn Saenyabud


Problem statement: The silver ornaments is the well known handicraft for Chum Chon Ban Choke, Tambon Khawao Sinrin, Amphoe Khawao Sinrin and Surin province. The study of social capital concerning silver ornaments at Ban Choke community, the Khmer ethnic focused on the low quality of the making the silver ornaments. The silver craftsmen earned less income because the capital productions were higher. Some craftsmen stopped making the silver ornaments to find new jobs for getting more income. That was the problem for the remaining of a silver ornaments handicraft. The purpose of the study was to study the management of social capital of silver ornament making at Chum Chon Ban Choke. Approach: It was qualitative and carried out using documentary studies, surveys, observations, and interviews and focused group discussions, 47 research informants were community and silver market leaders, silver craftsmen, shop owners, buyers, government and private personnel over looking promotion and development of silver ornaments in Surin Province. The analysis of data was done descriptively. Results: The social capital was divided into 2 categories internal and external. The internal social capital included the traditional skills of making silver ornaments and social and cultural coherence of the people. The second one came from capitalism and economic development, such as, roads, vehicles, electricity, mass media and markets. To some extent, Chum Chon Ban Choke changed. People picked up a new habit of buying goods from outside, Spending more with limited income made people go into debt. What made things even worse were low prices of their farm produce and severe droughts. The people who were in the business of silver ornaments came up with a plan bringing government and private entrepreneurs to revitalize social capital by running workshop trainings and using appropriate technology, such as, setting up a village fund, farm machinery and establish community learning and marketing networks. By such practices, group as well as family members gain reasonable income. In return, they donated some for community activities revitalizing and renovating old and new social capital of silver ornament making in their community. They built sufficient base economy from multi-social wisdom of applied silver handicraft making at Chum Chon Ban Choke. Conclusion/Recommendations: They attempted to mix their knowledge to the adjustment for the new knowledge by seminar and adopting the tools. That was the social capital and concerned on the social inter reaction and the culture as individual, group and institute. The people realized to the problems to fight the market system.

Journal of Social Sciences
Volume 5 No. 3, 2009, 219-222


Submitted On: 2 February 2009 Published On: 30 September 2009

How to Cite: Witsrutwait, W., Chantachon, S., Kriengkrisuk, P., Rittidet, P. & Saenyabud, B. (2009). The Social Capital of the Silver Ornaments in Northeastern, Thailand. Journal of Social Sciences, 5(3), 219-222.

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  • The social capital
  • silver ornaments
  • the communities in northeasters Thailand