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How Youth in India and Lebanon Rate their Intelligence

Ramzi Nasser and Sushila Singhal


A sample of 648 Lebanese and 252 Indian students estimated their intelligences based on Gardner's 10 multiple intelligence. Males rated higher their body kinesthetic and religious dimension (spiritual) while females rated higher their verbal and intra-personal estimates of intelligence. Using the educational level of the parent, no significant correlation with self-estimates of intelligence for each of the national samples was reported. Differences appeared between Indian and Lebanese samples on the cognitive components of intelligences, namely, verbal, spatial and logical abilities. ANOVA results showed that a higher logical component higher than their female counterparts and Indian males and females. 

Journal of Social Sciences
Volume 2 No. 4, 2006, 93-99


Submitted On: 20 November 2006 Published On: 31 December 2006

How to Cite: Nasser, R. & Singhal, S. (2006). How Youth in India and Lebanon Rate their Intelligence. Journal of Social Sciences, 2(4), 93-99.

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  • Self-estimates of intelligence
  • sex and cross-cultural difference