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Scholastic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students in Science Stream

Zebun N. Khan


The present study was conducted on 400 students (200 boys and 200 Girls) selected from senior secondary school of A.M.U., Aligarh-India, to establish the prognostic value of different measures of cognition, personality and demographic variables for success at higher secondary level in science stream. The scores obtained on different variables were factor-analyzed to get a smaller number of meaningful variables or factors to establish the predictive validity of these predictors. Factors responsible for success in science stream were identified. The prognostic value of the predictors was compared for high achievers and low achievers in order to identify the factors which differentiate them.

Journal of Social Sciences
Volume 1 No. 2, 2005, 84-87


Published On: 30 June 2005

How to Cite: Khan, Z. N. (2005). Scholastic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students in Science Stream. Journal of Social Sciences, 1(2), 84-87.

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  • Prognostic Value
  • Cognition
  • Personality and Demographic Variables
  • Correlation Matrix
  • Factor Analysis