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An Investigation of Work-Related Fatigue Levels and Related Factors among Emergency Nurses: A Primary Quantitative Study

Khaldoun Ismail1, Mahmoud Al-Masaeed2, Rawan Alsababha1, Albara Alomari1 and Muhammad Alqudah2
  • 1 Western Sydney University, Australia
  • 2 University of Newcastle, Australia


One of the most frequent phenomena among shift workers, particularly nurses, is work-related fatigue. There is a necessary demand for research in the area concerning the relationship between socio-demographic factors, occupational variables and work-related fatigue among Arabic, including Jordanian nurses, given the lack of knowledge. This study targets evaluating the magnitude of the relationship between socio-demographic and occupational factors and work-related fatigue among Jordanian nurses who work in emergency care venues. A descriptive correlational study was used. A non-probability based convenient sampling technique was applied, capturing 220 emergency nurses in Jordan. Measures included socio-demographic data, Occupational variables and Fatigue Exhaustion/Recovery Scale (OFER 15). In comparison to chronic and inter-shift fatigue, acute work-related fatigue attained the highest average score (Mean = 61.63, SD +27.17). Acute fatigue had a significant but weak relationship with years of experience, age, marital status, income and shift-work had an imperative relationship with acute work-related fatigue. Further, the chronic fatigue and inter shift (recovery) were correlated with marital status, years of experience, income and shift-work. The findings of this study provided empirical data that would help develop procedures to diminish levels of work-related fatigue among Jordanian emergency nurses, which would enhance nurses and patients' positive health outcomes.

International Journal of Research in Nursing
Volume 12 No. 1, 2021, 3-10


Submitted On: 17 November 2020 Published On: 5 March 2021

How to Cite: Ismail, K., Al-Masaeed, M., Alsababha, R., Alomari, A. & Alqudah, M. (2021). An Investigation of Work-Related Fatigue Levels and Related Factors among Emergency Nurses: A Primary Quantitative Study. International Journal of Research in Nursing, 12(1), 3-10.

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  • Work-Related Fatigue
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Acute Fatigue
  • Socio-Demographic Factors
  • Inter-Shift Fatigue