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Let's Talk about Sex: An Evolving Research Program in Perinatal Sexuality

Viola Polomeno1
  • 1 University of Ottawa, Canada


This article presents the definition of a research program and how to develop one. The author offers her own experience as an example. Problem statement: There was a dearth of literature on how-to articles on 'how to' establish a research program. Approach: This article presents the author's evolving research program in perinatal sexuality which focuses on the couple's intimacy in the transition to parenthood. The theoretical and clinical background leading up to the development of the research program was presented as well as preliminary findings from the first group of studies. Results: The current research program with its various research studies were featured next. Lastly, the author shares the lessons that she had learned about establishing a research program. Conclusion: More articles are needed in which researchers present their own personal experiences of how they developed their research programs.

International Journal of Research in Nursing
Volume 1 No. 2, 2010, 39-56


Submitted On: 24 August 2011 Published On: 24 December 2010

How to Cite: Polomeno, V. (2010). Let's Talk about Sex: An Evolving Research Program in Perinatal Sexuality. International Journal of Research in Nursing, 1(2), 39-56.

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  • Programmatic research
  • perinatal nursing
  • transition to parenthood
  • perinatal sexuality
  • research program
  • education programs
  • perinatal health
  • self-perceptions
  • clinical background
  • theoretical knowledge