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PSHA Study Using EZ-Frisk Software Case Study Baychebaq Dam Site

Hadi Jarahi1
  • 1 Islamic Azad University (IAU), Iran


Awareness of seismicity, is the earliest requirement in seismic design of Dam constructions. This article is devoted to study on Seismotectonic and seismicity and also seismic risk analysis of the Baychebaq reservoir dam. These studies involve detecting seismic sources and assessing seismicity parameters. According to the studies, Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) is 0.1 gal. This PHA may be related to there activation process of Takhte Soleiman which can produce an event around 6.8 Ms in the distance of 20 km from Baychebaq dam. According to the changes of Uniform Hazard Spectrum (UHS), Spectral acceleration parameter increases from period of 0 (0.03 gal) to a period of 0.175 (0.1 gal) and then reduced slightly. Based on the results, the controlling earthquake has a magnitude of 6.1 and 6.5 Mw at a period of 0 for return periods of 475 and 2475 years.

Current Research in Geoscience
Volume 7 No. 2, 2017, 37-46


Submitted On: 6 May 2017 Published On: 10 November 2017

How to Cite: Jarahi, H. (2017). PSHA Study Using EZ-Frisk Software Case Study Baychebaq Dam Site. Current Research in Geoscience, 7(2), 37-46.

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  • Baychebaq Reservoir Dam
  • Seismotectonic
  • Controlling Earthquake
  • Uniform Hazard Spectrum