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Green Building Construction Thermal Isolation Materials (Rockwool)

Mahmoud Itewi


Problem statement: Building insulation consisting roughly to anything in a structure that is utilizes as insulation for any reason. Thermal insulation in structures is a significant feature to attaining thermal comfort for its tenants. Approach: Insulation decreases unnecessary warmth loss or gain and can reduce the power burdens of heating and cooling structures. It does not automatically having anything to do with problems of sufficient exposure to air and might or might not influence the amount of sound insulation. Results: In a constricted way insulation can just mean the insulation substance used to reduce heat loss, such as: Glass wool, cellulose, polystyrene, rock wool, urethane foam, vermiculite and the earth, but it can also entail a variety of plans and methods used to deal with the chief forms of heat movement like transmission, emission and convection substances. The efficiency of insulation is normally assessed by its R-value. However, an R-value does not allow for the superiority of assembly or narrow green issues for each structure. Building superiority matters comprise insufficient vapor obstructions and troubles with draft-proofing. Additionally, the property and concentration of the insulation substance itself is vital. Fiberglass insulation materials, for example, made out of short fibers of glass covered on top of each other is not as long-lasting as insulation prepared from extended entwined fibers of glass. Conclusion/Recommendations: Rockwool insulation is a kind of insulation that is constructed out of real rocks and minerals. It furthermore is known by the names of mineral wool insulation, stone wool insulation or slag wool insulation. A broad collection of goods can be constructed from Rockwool, because of its outstanding capability to obstruct sound and heat. Rockwool insulation is normally utilized in building assembly, manufacturing plants and in automotive purposes. In this study i proposed to use Rockwool as a good insulation material to use for insulate the outside walls, this proposal proved by advance calculation and applied to exterminate case in Jordan because this material is available in Jordan.

American Journal of Environmental Sciences
Volume 7 No. 2, 2011, 161-165


Submitted On: 13 November 2010 Published On: 26 May 2011

How to Cite: Itewi, M. (2011). Green Building Construction Thermal Isolation Materials (Rockwool). American Journal of Environmental Sciences, 7(2), 161-165.

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  • Insulation materials
  • R-value
  • green building
  • thermal conductivity
  • magnetic field
  • rockwool insulation
  • K-factor
  • global warming
  • Synthetic Vitreous Fibers (SVFs)