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Evaluation of the Groundwater Global Pollution Risk: Relationships with Territorial Planning

M. De Maio, F. Minucci and G. Nocerino


Problem statement: The protection and enhancing of Groundwater Resources (GWR) at an international level have been studied extensively, but they have very rarely been considered in Territorial Planning and Urban Planning. Now more than in the past, thanks to the technologies and know-how acquired over the years, ignoring responsibilities with regards to the close link between these themes is no longer possible, therefore a new research field has been introduced that will lead to a strategic approach, in such a way that GWR and economic and urban planning development will be able to co-exist. Approach: This study, through the application of the Holman and Groundwater Global Pollution Risk methods, is an attempt to link these two topics. Results: The study was conducted in Aosta, a town in the north-west of Italy, in an attempt to assess the effects that a careless management of the setting up of polluting activities could have on the aquifers. Conclusion: The analysis was carried out using a Geographical Information System (GIS).

American Journal of Environmental Sciences
Volume 6 No. 2, 2010, 103-114


Submitted On: 25 February 2010 Published On: 30 April 2010

How to Cite: Maio, M. D., Minucci, F. & Nocerino, G. (2010). Evaluation of the Groundwater Global Pollution Risk: Relationships with Territorial Planning. American Journal of Environmental Sciences, 6(2), 103-114.

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  • GWR protection and enhancement
  • Holman method
  • global risk evaluation
  • strategic planning
  • strategic environmental evaluation (VAS)
  • structural plan
  • operative plan