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The Effect of Air Pollution on Ozone Layer Thickness in Troposphere over the State of Kuwait

H. O. Al Jeran and A. R. Khan


Troposphere ozone layer acts as a shield against all ultraviolet radiation approaching the planet Earth through absorption. It was noticed in mid 80s that ozone layer has thinned on the poles of the planet due to release of man-made substances commonly known as Ozone Depleting Substances, (ODS) into its atmosphere. The consequences of this change are adverse as the harmful radiations reach to the surface of the earth, strongly influencing the crops yield and vegetation. These radiations are major cause of skin cancer that has long exposure to Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. United States environmental protection agency and European community have imposed strict regulations to curb the emission of ODS and phase out schedules for the manufacture and use of ODS that was specified by Montreal protocol in 1987. Problem statement: This research deled with data analysis of ozone layer thickness obtained from Abu-Dhabi station and detailed measurement of air pollution levels in Kuwait. Approach: The ozone layer thickness in stratosphere had been correlated with the measured pollution levels in the State of Kuwait. The influence of import of ozone depletion substances for the last decade had been evaluated. Other factor that strongly affects the ozone layer thickness in stratosphere is local pollution levels of primary pollutants such as total hydrocarbon compounds and nitrogen oxides. Results: The dependency of ozone layer thickness on ambient pollutant levels presented in detail reflecting negative relation of both non-methane hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide concentrations in ambient air. Conclusion: Ozone layer thickness in stratosphere had been measured for five years (1999-2004) reflecting minimum thickness in the month of December and maximum in the month of June. The ozone thickness related to the ground level concentration of non-methane hydrocarbon and can be used as an indicator of the health of ozone layer thickness in the stratosphere.

American Journal of Environmental Sciences
Volume 5 No. 3, 2009, 230-237


Submitted On: 29 October 2008 Published On: 30 June 2009

How to Cite: Al Jeran, H. O. & Khan, A. R. (2009). The Effect of Air Pollution on Ozone Layer Thickness in Troposphere over the State of Kuwait. American Journal of Environmental Sciences, 5(3), 230-237.

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  • Ozone depleting substances
  • ultraviolet radiation
  • stratosphere
  • hydrocarbon compounds
  • nitrogen oxides