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Methods of Utilizing Tropical Peat Land for Housing Scheme

Youventharan Duraisamy, Bujang B.K. Huat and Azlan A. Aziz


This paper discusses some of the methods and recent technologies in utilizing cheap marginal land such as tropical peat for housing scheme. Buildings on peat are usually suspended on piles, but ground around it may still settle. Therefore a suitable method of construction should be tackle to overcome serious problem such as localized sinking and slip failure, massive primary and long term (creep) settlement. With the ever increase in the cost of living and the decrease in suitable land for construction, avoidance of marginal tropical peat soil is never going to be the popular choice among the developers and town planners. This paper gives some insights on the construction methods that could be possibly employed to develop marginal ground such as tropical peat soil.

American Journal of Environmental Sciences
Volume 3 No. 4, 2007, 259-264


Submitted On: 12 April 2007 Published On: 31 December 2007

How to Cite: Duraisamy, Y., Huat, B. B. & Aziz, A. A. (2007). Methods of Utilizing Tropical Peat Land for Housing Scheme. American Journal of Environmental Sciences, 3(4), 259-264.

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  • Cement column
  • deep soil mixing
  • EPS foundation system
  • excavation and replacement
  • organic soil
  • prefabricated vertical drain
  • peat soil