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Criteria Determining Optimal Portfolio Selection: A Case Study

Diakomihalis Mihail1, Hyz Alina2 and Gikas Grigorios1
  • 1 T.E.I. of Epirus, Greece
  • 2 T.E.I. of Piraeus, Greece


The paper examines the evaluation of the significance of the criteria that influence two groups of investors, who reside in different areas of Greece, in selecting their investments: (a) Investors from a metropolitan city (Athens) and (b) investors from regional Greece (Peloponnese). The study is grounded in the current and potential criteria and sub-criteria influencing investors in selecting financial investment products. The methodology applied in order to satisfy the research aims is the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The quantitative research analysis is based on a sample of data collected via a questionnaire answered by a sample of key experts: Specifically, bank executives specialized in financial investment products. The general conclusions stemming from the comparative study are: Metropolitan city Investors (MIs) are more experienced, more dispassionate, more patient and conservative than the Regional Investors. Furthermore, the MIs are more tolerant, provident and informed. The Regional Investors (RIs) can be perceived as more enthusiastic and interested in taking risks than the MIs, but they also appear to feel less secure when it comes to investing. Future research should address larger number of participants from other metropolitan cities and regions and, eventually, from other countries.

American Journal of Economics and Business Administration
Volume 5 No. 4, 2013, 120-128


Submitted On: 7 February 2014 Published On: 13 March 2014

How to Cite: Mihail, D., Alina, H. & Grigorios, G. (2013). Criteria Determining Optimal Portfolio Selection: A Case Study. American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, 5(4), 120-128.

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  • Investment Portfolio
  • Analytic Hierarchy Process