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Teaching the Indigenous Students with Courseware Based on Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Mudiana Mokhsin Misron1, Zatul Amilah Shaffiei1, Saiful Adli Suhadak1 and Ariffin Abdul Mutalib2
  • 1 University Technology MARA Section 2, Malaysia
  • 2 University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia


Problem statement: This study reports result of a research carried out to determine the possibility of computer technology use among the indigenous children in teaching and learning. Approach: In this study, courseware was used in a classroom of a school for the indigenous children, in which their motivation was extremely low. Comparison between normal class and courseware-assisted class was carried out and reports in the methodology. The courseware was tested to meet the requirements of Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory. Results: The findings reveal that the indigenous children were able to accept the newly-introduced courseware-assisted teaching and learning which includes the eight types of intelligences. This could be seen in their attendance record and achievement improvement. Conclusion/Recommendation: This study concludes that the courseware could be a usable tool to support the indigenous learning motivation.

American Journal of Economics and Business Administration
Volume 3 No. 3, 2011, 525-533


Submitted On: 22 June 2010 Published On: 21 October 2011

How to Cite: Misron, M. M., Shaffiei, Z. A., Suhadak, S. A. & Mutalib, A. A. (2011). Teaching the Indigenous Students with Courseware Based on Theory of Multiple Intelligences. American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, 3(3), 525-533.

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  • Assistive courseware
  • edutainment courseware
  • indigenous students
  • Multiple Intelligences (MI)
  • National Information Technology Council (NITC)
  • computer technologies