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Dynamics of Corporates and Stakeholders Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case of Sports Goods Industry Meerut

R. K. Tyagi1
  • 1 Institute of Informatics and Management Sciences, India


Problem statement: The Corporate Social Responsibility concerns got global attention in large scale industries but the SME’s which are no less prone to create critical problems for the human, social and natural environments inimical to the society as a whole and survival at large, have not attracted the required attention. The case focuses on the dynamics of the corporate and stakeholder perspective on CSR in Sports Goods Industry Meerut. Approach: This study examined the corporate and stakeholder perspective in purview of CSR on a systematic random sample of hundred each with the help of seven interview schedules. Results: Both the parties affirm that sincere commitments to CSR notions need to be exercised in business. But the mutual interaction in cordial and congenial social environment is manifestly neglected. There is neither any institutionalized mechanism of consultation and participation into decision making process, nor any strategy to incorporate stakeholders concerns in the business process of growth. Of course both the sectors avoid conflict creating situations in their own interests. But there is no positive approach to gratify or even identify the problems of stakeholders. The corporate in SGI Meerut verbalize the awareness and necessity of incorporating CSR concerns in business yet nothing serious is being done in this direction. Conclusion: Predominantly the classical view of maximizing profit and economic concerns of business prevail. The present study recommends for an intellectual debate to vitalize CSR concept in SMEs; institutionalized mechanism to develop a healthy interaction both for the comprehension of CSR, addressal and redressal of needs of various component sectors of this category of industries, particularly the stakeholders; attention to communicate human sensibilities pertaining to natural, social and environmental concerns of the mankind of all sectors engaged in industrial enterprises i.e. production, consumption, supply and sale; economic interests should not alone be given priority at the cost of social and environmental concerns.

American Journal of Economics and Business Administration
Volume 2 No. 2, 2010, 169-171


Published On: 30 June 2010

How to Cite: Tyagi, R. K. (2010). Dynamics of Corporates and Stakeholders Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case of Sports Goods Industry Meerut. American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, 2(2), 169-171.

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  • sports goods industry
  • sports goods export promotion council of India
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