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Contributions to the Hydrogen Fusion

Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu1 and Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu1
  • 1 Bucharest Polytechnic University, Romania


The issue of hydrogen fusion is an important one because once done it will generate enough energy for humanity, which is why the paper addresses some new ideas in this important but also necessary field. Attempts are made to make theoretical considerations modeled so that it can then help experimentally to put into practice the nuclear fusion of hydrogen, in its most elementary and simplest form, between hydrogen protons, without using deuterium as fuel, but directly ionized hydrogen atoms, protons, so only the first isotope of hydrogen, this reaction being in a way the most natural, it taking place permanently in the stars, including our sun. The paper brings some new theoretical ideas including the possibility of accelerating protons before their collision to energy capable of fusion, the introduction of neutrons with protons in the fusion tank because the energy required for proton-neutron fusion is slightly lower (as will be possible observed in the paper), or the production of neutrons directly from the existing protons so that the nuclear fusion reaction becomes easier between proton-neutron (by bombarding protons with accelerated electrons).

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 13 No. 3, 2020, 477-486


Submitted On: 15 August 2020 Published On: 28 August 2020

How to Cite: Petrescu, R. V. V. & Petrescu, F. I. T. (2020). Contributions to the Hydrogen Fusion. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13(3), 477-486.

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