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Shore Line Mathematical Modelling and Integrated Groundwater Potentiality Study in the Northern Coast Mediterranean Sea, Egypt

Rasha El Gohary1
  • 1 National Water Research Center, Egypt


The purpose of this research is to determine surface and subsurface features in the proposed sites. Meanwhile accessibility and availability of water resources. It will have carried out a comprehensive investigations related to topography, geology, hydrology and geophysics. Water samples were collected from the study area and its surroundings to be subjected to different analysis procedures for quality and quantity. The results of the hydrologic analysis showed that all rainfall amounts are infiltrated to the soil and there is no runoff flood water to affect the study area. Consequently, it's concluded that the flood has no harm effect on any of the study area buildings. Based on the geophysical and hydrogeological results, it is strongly recommended drilling three productive wells to a depth of ±50 m at the location of Vertical Electrical Sounding VESes 5 and 7 to produce water from the coral reefs limestone layer where its high fracture density and lower salinity. For future sustainable development plans, it is also possible to drill any number of productive wells in the southern part of the area to avoid the higher degree of sea water intrusion. In this case, the distance between wells must be not less than 120 m. It is conducting a numerical simulation to the coast of the study area in order to inspect the effects of implementing these structures. For that reason, a topographical and a bathymetrical survey were carried to the area in order to simulate the area numerically. The shoreline stabilization was simulated using 20 different orientations to the intake and outlet structures. Based on the mathematical modeling results, it was noticed that the shoreline is naturally stable as it is a smooth East-West shoreline with no undulations and the amount of sediment transport is trivial.

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 13 No. 2, 2020, 224-236


Submitted On: 18 February 2020 Published On: 14 May 2020

How to Cite: El Gohary, R. (2020). Shore Line Mathematical Modelling and Integrated Groundwater Potentiality Study in the Northern Coast Mediterranean Sea, Egypt. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13(2), 224-236.

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  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Shore Line Stabilization
  • Hydrology
  • Water Resources