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Biogas Clay Brick Kiln Burner

Alemayehu Beyene1, Vinkata Ramaya2 and Getachew Shunki3
  • 1 Mechanical Engineering, Ethiopia
  • 2 Jimma Unievsrity, Ethiopia
  • 3 Metu University, Ethiopia


Biogas burners were designed in different geometrical for different purpose like for cooking, beking injera and the likes. This biogas burner for clay brick firing is designed for firing clay brick in the clay brick kiln. Biogas clay brick burner was specifically designed to replace firewood, caw dung and other non-renewable energy source used in local and mechanized clay brick manufactures. Because of the arrangement of clay brick in the clay brick kiln, bar types of biogas burner was selected and all components of biogas burner in the biogas burner design is considered.

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 11 No. 2, 2018, 830-836


Submitted On: 25 April 2018 Published On: 23 May 2018

How to Cite: Beyene, A., Ramaya, V. & Shunki, G. (2018). Biogas Clay Brick Kiln Burner. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 11(2), 830-836.

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  • Clay Brick
  • Kiln
  • Burner
  • Biogas