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A Scheme Design of Cloud + End Technology in Demand Side Management

Leijiao Ge1 and Xiandong Xu2
  • 1 Tianjin University, China
  • 2 Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom


Demand Side Management (DSM) plays an important role in Smart Grid. It has large scale access points, massive users, heterogeneous infrastructure and dispersive participants. Moreover, cloud computing which is a service model is characterized by resource on-demand, high reliability and large scale integration and so on and the game theory is a useful tool to the dynamic economic phenomena. In this study, a scheme design of cloud + end technology is proposed to solve technical and economic problems of the DSM. The architecture of cloud + end is designed to solve technical problems in the DSM. In particular, a construct model of cloud + end is presented to solve economic problems in the DSM based on game theories. The proposed method is tested on a DSM cloud + end public service system construction in a city of southern China. The results demonstrate the feasibility of these integrated solutions which can provide a reference for the popularization and application of the DSM in china.

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 8 No. 4, 2015, 736-747


Submitted On: 26 September 2015 Published On: 29 November 2015

How to Cite: Ge, L. & Xu, X. (2015). A Scheme Design of Cloud + End Technology in Demand Side Management. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 8(4), 736-747.

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  • Cloud Computing
  • Demand Side Management
  • Construction Model
  • Service Platform
  • Game Theory