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An Eigenstructure Assignment for a Static Synchronous Compensator

Ahmad N. Al-Husban1
  • 1 Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan


Problem statement: Power flow through an AC transmission line is influenced by three basic electrical parameters, which are line impedance, magnitudes and phase-shift angle between the sending and receiving voltages. Therefore, the change in any of the three basic parameters means a change in the power flow through the transmission line. The aims of this research paper are: increase the power transfer capability of transmission systems, minimize the transmission losses, support a good voltage profile and retain system stability under large disturbances. Study the use of eigenstructure techniques for state feedback control of the power system static compensator. Therefore, the mathematical analysis was performed for eigenvector assignment, power flow transmission line and for the static compensator analysis based on the transformation of the three-phase into d-q frame. Approach: A novel control method for regulating the power system in case of abnormal conditions was carried out. The system considered is a static synchronous compensator. The study includes a detailed mathematical analysis of the impact of the shunt compensator on the power flow; investigation of the system constraints and their effects on the static compensator control; in addition simulation of static compensator to control a transmitted active power flow on the transmission line. The conducted method provides a way of constructing the state feedback gain matrix to satisfy a certain prescribed performance. Results: The solutions of the obtained equation were conducted using the computer simulation method for both open-loop and static compensator techniques. The result shows fast tracking of the power flow transient response when using the static compensator technique comparing with open-loop technique. However, the same trend of the behavior was observed for all cases. Conclusion: A new method for developing a parameterized feedback matrix that assigns a closed-loop prespecified set of eigenvalues was obtained. It improves the overall system performance and yields a class of controllers contributing uniformly to the assignment process. The voltage could be kept constant independent of the loads with static compensator. The results show clearly the applicability of the proposed control scheme which is acceptable for the static compensator.

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 2 No. 4, 2009, 812-816


Submitted On: 3 December 2008 Published On: 31 December 2009

How to Cite: Al-Husban, A. N. (2009). An Eigenstructure Assignment for a Static Synchronous Compensator. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2(4), 812-816.

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  • Load Flow Power Transmission
  • open-loop system
  • transient response