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Statistical Models for Hardened Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete

Arabi N.S. Al Qadi1, Kamal Nasharuddin Bin Mustapha1, Hashem Al-Mattarneh2 and Qahir N.S. AL-Kadi3
  • 1 University Tenaga National, Malaysia
  • 2 Jerash Private University, Jordan
  • 3 The Hashemite University, Jordan


Problem statement: For predicting workability and hardened properties of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) no well known explicit formulation. Approach: Statistical models were carried out to model the influence of key mixture parameter (cement, water to powder ratio, fly ash and super plasticizer) on hardened properties affecting the performance of SCC. Such responses included compressive strength at 3, 7 and 28 days and modulus of elasticity. Thirty one mixtures were prepared to derive the numerical models and evaluate the accuracy. The models were valid for a wide range of mixture proportioning. Results: The research presented derived numerical models that can be useful to reduce the test procedures and trials needed for the proportioning of self-compacting concrete. The qualities of these models were evaluated based on several factors such as level prediction, residual error, residual mean square and correlation coefficients. Conclusion: Full quadratic models in all the response (compressive strength at 3,7 and 28 days and modulus of elasticity) showed high correlation coefficient (R2), adjusted correlation coefficient, less level of significant and sum of square errors from the four predictions models (linear, interaction, full quadratic and pure quadratic) were developed.

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 2 No. 4, 2009, 764-770


Submitted On: 10 July 2009 Published On: 31 December 2009

How to Cite: Al Qadi, A. N., Mustapha, K. N. B., Al-Mattarneh, H. & AL-Kadi, Q. N. (2009). Statistical Models for Hardened Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2(4), 764-770.

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  • Hardened SCC
  • central composite
  • self-compacting concrete