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Geometrical and Physical Effects on the Instability of a Fluid-Conveying Pipe

Dahmane Mouloud1, Samir Zahaf2, Benkhettab Mohamed3, Djilali Boutchicha1 and Mawhoub Soubih4
  • 1 USTO-MB, Algeria
  • 2 University of Djilali Bounaama-Khamis Meliana, Algeria
  • 3 Mostaganem University, Algeria
  • 4 Chlef University Hassiba Benbouali, Algeria


The endeavor of this paper is to calculate frequencies and critical velocity of pipe carrying incompressible fluid are obtained using standard finite element method. Finite element beam type with two degrees of freedom per node was used. The natural frequencies of our system are calculated by using a program developed on MATLAB. The results are compared with those predicted by the differential transformation method and with other results listed in the literature, where several examples were studied, for pipes with different boundary conditions: Pinned-pinned and clamped-pinned. We determine the influence of the effect of mass ratio, length and elastic foundation of the proper frequencies and the critical velocity for fluid conveying pipe to study and analyze instability with its concepts.

Current Research in Bioinformatics
Volume 9 No. 1, 2020, 56-69


Submitted On: 8 August 2020 Published On: 2 November 2020

How to Cite: Mouloud, D., Zahaf, S., Mohamed, B., Boutchicha, D. & Soubih, M. (2020). Geometrical and Physical Effects on the Instability of a Fluid-Conveying Pipe. Current Research in Bioinformatics, 9(1), 56-69.

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  • Pipe Carrying Fluid
  • Frequencies
  • Velocity
  • Winkler Elastic Foundation
  • FEM
  • Instability